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A Two-part (Rational & Mystical) Life Guide

Celestial Fire ~ A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey is the true story of a Vietnam Navy pilot and his Samadhi heart-connection achieved after a thirty-year quest to uncover the mysteries (greater meaning) behind paranormal phenomena, and the truth of Divine Intervention. It's a love story of the highest order, as our lonely, emotionally-dysfunctional warrior—surviving one extraordinary life-extending event after another—finally learns to let go…let LOVE…and thereby exchange his bear gun for a bear hug.

Larry’s narration of his relentless pursuit of worthiness and cosmic communion, which culminated in a mountaintop Kundalini in 1996, is not only about the eclectic transformation of ONE individual. Celestial Fire is a powerful guide to actualizing unlimited wholeness and preexisting potential located within every Human Being. Drawing from the latest in psychological (head) and mystical (heart) schools, this guidebook presents a thorough, multi-level, NEW THOUGHT examination of how we function (Holographic Psychology). Included is a practical, testable, mystical practice helpful in stimulating Spiritual DNA: an individual’s unique life blueprint.

Larry's dual-hemisphere blending of Science and Spirituality provides a clear and concise roadmap to gloriously expanded awareness, deeply penetrating (fearless) relationships, and an unprecedented Earth wake-up mastery that’s user-friendly for both believer and skeptic alike.

For a more extensive review, you are invited to read the Foreword by Dr. James P. Pottenger; former protégé of Science of Mind Founder, Ernest Holmes, and the developer of Holographic Psychology
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