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What the EXPERTS say about
Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey

Writer's Digest

13th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

           [Commentary Sheet]

Author: Larry James Stevens

Title: Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey

Category: Inspirational - self-help

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning "poor" and 5 meaning "excellent," please evaluate:

Writing Quality/Content/Grammar: 5

Judge's commentary: What did you like best about this book?

The author has a great number of fascinating stories to relate from his years as a pilot, and that on-the-job experience certainly qualifies him to write on the subject of unexplained phenomenon and spiritual enlightenment (sort of a real-life Fox Mulder for us X-Files fans). Mr. Stevens' zeal for these fascinating subjects comes across clearly on the page; the reader never questions his sincerity.

From a technical aspect, Celestial Fire is very well written. The narrative has an authentic feel, yet manages not to come across sounding overly scientific—exactly the type of thing that will attract a wide, mainstream audience.

“Celestial Fire is FASCINATING!”
— International best-selling mystery-thriller writer,
Dean Koontz, author of Velocity, Watchers, Odd Thomas, and dozens of others.

“Larry James is a master storyteller. In Celestial Fire he tells the story of his own life, and yet, if we pause long enough to take a deep look in between the lines of his story, we shall see the deeper truths about our own lives as well. His experiences, while some may not call "normal," are really the foretelling, a clarion call if you will, of that which is ordained as "natural" in the life of one who lives a spiritually anchored life. As both a Naval Aviator in combat, and a metaphysician, RevDr. Larry has truly earned his call sign “SoulMan” because he speaks from his soul, to our soul, and his message will make you soar! So buckle your seat belt and hold on tight. As you read his book you are in for the ride of a lifetime...or perhaps we should say, many lifetimes!
Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones, author of THE ART OF BEING, 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life (
"Dear Rev. Larry & the good Doctor P. [James Pottenger],
I am so grateful for the lunches we have shared. The insights and the
transmission of High Spiritual Love continue to work in my consciousness.
I look forward to another gathering.

The work you are doing is bringing value beyond which the eyes can see.
What a High honor it is to me to be called to join you in advancing the
legacy from Jesus, Ernest, the great women and all the souls who have joined
in the glorious bliss of surrendering to the Cosmic Christ.
To be reminded that everyone at every level of understanding is loved right
where they are - is a great gift of compassion.
Highest Love Always...
—Dr. Harry Morgan Moses
“Larry was a brave man during the Vietnam War, but he’s even braver to so intimately share his inner quest for wholeness and harmony. This man's personal journey is a wake-up call to the many of us still sleeping.”
Paul Von Ward, U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Interdisplinary Cosmologist, and author of Our Solarian Legacy; and God, Genes, and Consciousness

“Rarely do I see any presentation, let alone a comprehensive life-guide, with zero criticism and 100% acknowledgment. Larry is an Inspired Learner and Inspired Learning Facilitator™. I guarantee his book will inspire YOU.”
Peter Reding, Founder of the Foundation for Inspired Learning

Absolutely BRILLIANT! If you are ready to awaken to who you are and your true potential on this planet, Larry James Stevens will show you the way in Celestial Fire! Full of essential practical tools, transformational stories and foundational wisdom of the ages, this book is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is on a path of spiritual growth and development! Grounded in truth with humor, inspiration and enlightenment, readers discover the power to become their highest Self.
Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., author of the Cleaning Out The Closet Of
Your Mind and Manifesting Made Easy book and CD series (

“Larry James Stevens is a Spiritual Will Rogers. With intelligence, humor, and sensitivity, he goes the extra quantum to bring expanded meaning and purpose to the bookends of agony and ecstasy. Larry is one of the very few qualified to use ALL levels of HP in his spiritual coaching practice.”
Dr. James P. Pottenger, Founder of the LACCRS Dodona Human Potential Research Center, developer of Science of Spirit/Holographic Psychology® - and former protégé of Science-of-Mind Founder, Ernest Holmes

“Celestial Fire ignites the fire in the belly of each one of us, and fans that inner empowerment flame into levels of awareness previously reserved only for the world’s most advanced thinkers. Utilizing his playful but incredibly practical guide to the ultimate in potential, one's life journey becomes vastly simplified and miraculously enhanced.”

Follow-up testimonial - 1/06: "I want you to know how much I've enjoyed reading your delightful and deep book. It carries not just your important message, but you yourself, Larry, the person. And, we know that no message means a lot to the depths of the human psyche unless it passes through and is connected to a real, genuine, person. You, my friend, are that genuine article ... and I wish your book well in this next [2006] year."

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Bill Bauman Seminars, author of Oz Power: How to Click Your Heels and Take Charge of Your Life

“In Celestial Fire Larry takes you with him on the flight of your life…emotionally and Spiritually. In so doing, he helps you find your master key to a life free of victimhood and un-forgiveness.”
Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness - Making Room for the Miracle

“Larry James Stevens is the real thing…a writer, teacher, and Spiritual mentor who comes from heart with his every word and deed. His book is a GIANT bear hug, full of great questions, observations, and inspirations. While the perfect co-pilot to have on any Celestial flight, Larry wants to bestow the power and wisdom to take flight all on your own…how wonderful is that?”
Raphael Cushnir, author of Unconditional Bliss, and Setting Your Heart on Fire

“Larry has written a fascinating mix of extraordinary personal experience and metaphysical wisdom that's sure to appeal to both the seasoned Spiritual seeker and the newly curious.”
Dr. Ron Scolastico, transpersonal psychologist, transcendent medium, contemporary artist, and author of Earth Adventure, and Doorway to the Soul—among several others

“Even after having studied metaphysics for years, Larry's life-guide taught me in ways I never imagined. When incorporating into my life some of the suggestions [demonstrations] from Celestial Fire, I felt the positive effects immediately! While reading, my emotions ranged from laughing out loud with glee, stepping into a story-line and crying with SoulMan and his mother, catching my breath during an impossible landing of an aircraft, aching for a child ripped from his enchanted forest, sobbing over the departure of a beloved pet, to then learning more about some of the extraordinary experiences that occurred in my own childhood...ones I'd either forgotten, or not known the larger significance of. I strongly encourage anyone to take a Celestial Fire ride with the SoulMan...a remarkable read, and spectacular opportunity to dramatically improve ALL your relationships.”
Vicki Worthington, editor

“Dear Larry…you are a very happy Divine Soul on this Divine planet. You are showing the true light from your Divine heart. Enjoy your divinity and please share with other Divine Souls of this universe.”
Yogi Ramesh, Hollywood’s “Guru to the Stars”

“The Power Prologue was thrilling and so well written…I can hardly wait to read the whole thing!!! Good on ya, Larry!”
Tahdi Blackstone, Southwest Regional Community Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences

“WOW! What a read in just Chapter One! You had me wanting more and going back to reread some of the gems…several times. What a powerful start to a book!”
Rev. Joan Scimeca, BSL, J.D. RSciM; RS minister and CA attorney

“Larry’s message is stirringly inspirational, and so very empowering…a smorgasbord for the Soul.”
Margrit Spear, PhD/MFT; psychotherapist, artist, and author of Life Changing Explosion of Consciousness - Introduction to Holographic Psychology

“No pie-in-the-sky offering, Larry delivers potent options for succeeding in today’s highly complex world, as well as practical ways to get in direct contact with one’s own inner Spiritual Source. A must read for any SSR [Serious Spiritual Researcher]!”
Dr. Louis Nitti, Jr., Psychology Professor, “Serious Spiritual Researcher,” and author of Discovering the Inner Writer - The Zen Method of Creative Writing

“Celestial Fire is a dramatic and continual series of burning bush experiences…I'm finally seeing the light!”
Rev. Darrell Gudmundson, P.Eng, RScP, author of Maxi-Mind & Turn the World On its Head

“Celestial Fire is a rare opportunity for the many of us who have not as yet found our center. Following Larry through his dark night of the Soul, into an empowering and joyous awakening, is an emotional experience of the highest order…especially for the analytical skeptic.”
Celeste Kelley, Writer, Internet Talk Show Producer, Director, and former Host for WSRADIO.COM’s “Good Heavens! ASK THE STARS”

“Dear Larry, I value your response [New Thought Ministers-Yahoo] and appreciate very much your willingness to share your opinion; I hope you will do so more frequently.”
Rev. Edward Viljoen, Founder of NewThoughtMinisters Chat Group on Yahoo, and co-author of Seeing Good at Work

“My goodness, Larry, I had no idea you were such a cut-up—funny!”
Rev. Carolyn Claiborne

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