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SoulMan LarryThis is my favorite place in the entire website, and the larger reason we have gathered. I greatly enjoy dialogue on inclusive concepts and multiple ways of knowing (noetics), but I intend ©   ©  as safe harbor for kindred souls expanding beyond subject-object definition chasing. Here we can laugh, cry, and potentially open to a rapturous communion with ALL there is. Would anyone care for another portion of that? As a "recovering" left-brainer, I'm clear on how excessive, often defensive, word-smithing (head) can become a barrier to heart.
That said, please don't confuse me with an ego-basher, or anything-else basher. We would not have evolved, as a species, without our fantastic material-world sensing and pre- First Reality reflexes. When it comes to interpersonal relationship quality, however, First Reality's learned/conditioned-behavior (reactive mind) awareness is normally a deal-breaker. Reality levels are closely examined in the early (formative) chapters of my book. For a condensed synopsis of Holographic Psychology (HP), and Celestial Fire's sequential format, see the "Glossary" section of the Table of Contents, and/or "Science of Spirit" section (navigation bar), and visit the "FOREWORD" written by the developer of HP, Dr. James Paxton Pottenger[ PDF ].
HEART never compares, rejects, or judges. HEART is beyond tolerance…it includes, accepts, and embraces ALL. This is your opportunity to ask the most important questions about relationships and how to develop a love affair with ALL life…especially the challenging portions. Unless and until we can see, feel, sense, or imagine the perfection contained within ALL experience, as HEART does, we shall fearfully continue to bob, weave, deny, numb, obsess (over-stimulate), and otherwise suffer in a futile effort to seek pleasure and avoid all forms (diagnostic and otherwise) of pain.  
As your quantum heart-shift facilitator (cool title, huh?), I intend to presentas I do to a larger degree in Celestial Fireempowering options and perspectives that will invite you to turn within for experiential answers; thereby allowing more, and resisting less. What we resist…persists. We either go within, or we go without. Ask yourself whether cloning efforts to make others over in your image, so as to reach an illusive comfort zone, is working for you. We often manipulate unknowingly: out of our unresolved issues, resultant insecurity, and fear we are not enough. The balance between helping and enabling is a delicate one, requiring a reflective witnessing capability [see Second Reality – Chapter 3] to more appropriately interact. Acknowledging, releasing, reframing, and replacing old-paradigm, reactive-mind conditioning is essential in achieving the Heaven on Earth that was foretold...and most long for. Until we desire for others (mentally competent adults), what they prefer for themselves, how can we say our relationship(s) are unconditional? I used to rescue others, believing I was doing “good works.” Later, I realized my subconscious acceptance of unworthiness (martyrizing myself to correct alledged past wrongdoings) was running the show. The Universe, via the Law of Attraction, said “yes” by providing a continual string of contributing partners that had been mutually, albeit unwittingly, prayed for. My unspoken and mostly unconscious rule in those days: “You can be and do anything you want, sweetheart, except leave me.” The Power of Intention, also the title of an outstanding book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, is at play whether we are aware of it or not.

To this liberating end, I will be honored to select topical, philosophical, relationship questions... answering them in the Heart-to-Heart portion of future issues of Soul Talk News. I regret not being able to directly respond to all queries, but know with certainty that once you clearly frame your question, the answer, which was/is already within you, can enter your more accepting consciousness. In addition to questions, please forward your break-through, light-bulb ah-HAs, as special paradigm-shift moments deserve celebration, and help to encourage others. Click Here to Email SoulMan Larry Include your permission to publish (optional), and privacy preference regarding identity. I normally go with a first name and home state or country.

How far would you go to extend your beloved pet’s life?

This question was posed in the April, 2003 issue of ASPCA News Alert; a weekly e-mail newsletter from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

BACKGROUND: An eight-year-old golden retriever undergoes surgery, blood transfusions, chemo and radiation therapy to combat a chest tumor; during his time on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, an 11-year-old tabby endures blood transfusions, echocardiograms, feeding tubes, and subcutaneous fluids; a veterinarian performs radical surgery on a 26-year-old cat to remove cancerous growth from his ear and forehead...

ADJUNCTIVE QUESTIONS: "Cutting" edge veterinary medical techniques may allow owners to give their animals a chance at a longer life, but at what cost? How do pet parents deal, when faced with such a dilemma? To find out, read “Drawing the Line” in the April, 2003 issue of ASPCA Animal Watch magazine. Check to see if you can still read it, or order it as a back issue.

I had to deal with this feared scenario, regarding my beloved 7-year-old Labrador, just a few weeks before I received the ASPCA questions.

Unbeknownst to me, my fox-red, male, four-legged HEARTBEAT, Streaker, had developed a large tumor in his spleen, which suddenly began to hemorrhage. With a loss of energy as the only apparent symptom, I was soon told that Streaker required blood transfusions and emergency surgery to deal with the immediate threat. The very experienced veterinarian at emergency services determined that his weakened condition was not caused by rat poisoning, which Streaker's regular vet diagnosed. She further concluded an 80-90% probability that the tumor was cancerous and likely located elsewhere in his body. Should the current crisis be averted, it was estimated that Streaker might gain an additional six months of breaths. Even six months would have been worth it, IF he/we could have looked forward to quality of life. With my dog's particular cancer, the prognosis suggested, I should prepare to bear witness to a continual gnawing of every tissue, organ and sinew...on the way to a tortuous death.

In spite of my depressive shock over this way-too-sudden development, the more connected part of myself knew I must set temporary fear of loss aside, enter a reflective, out-of-the-reactive-body attunement, and ask Streaker (love) what HE (it) preferred. I could feel Streaker's intense, heart-felt devotion. Many behavioristic psychologists would diagnose this form of multi-sensory connection as if we could be separate from any aspect of manifested life. The pathology detectives can believe as they will, but I need not persuade animal lovers how a valiant canine would be willing to fight the good fight, right to the end. Streaker would accept any amount of pain to be my physical companion to the last possible moment...if that be my want (note I did not say “desire”). This is when I knew (accepted) in my heart that I could not put my beloved friend through that. To watch in terrifying agony as this always-exuberant gift of God ebbed slowly and painfully away, would be disheartening and both of us. To honor Streaker's life was to grant him dignity in death, I felt. [I make no judgment about the choices others make in this or similar situations.]

Because my decision was made in reflective and accepting love, rather than a byproduct of resisting, knee-jerk, fear-of-loss, I have never second-guessed it. But I am still brought to tears as I write this. I miss his great hugs, energy, and our special Frisbee-toss time. Streaker had NO QUIT…he would (if I let him) run the pads right off his feet in order to stay in the game. What a great example of the gift of Earth life he was, and continues to be.

The departure cocktail having performed its function, I somehow stumbled out of the emergency facility, but WITH the essence and vitality of Streaker still within me. I carry his precious Spirit and glorious passion for current-moment life in my heart; where it's never separate from anything I engage in.

You should know that in prior years my reactions (to similar circumstances) were quite different and therefore filled with years of torturous guilt and self-flagellation: see my Doberman "Blitz" story in Chapter Seven of Celestial Fire. One very valuable perspective I have awakened to: By acknowledging, releasing, reframing, and, in stages, replacing our fear-based shadow (that which we are not), we are infinitely more able to appreciate our heart-based light (that which we are). The witnessing and processing of dualistic comparatives (Second Reality) has not been lost on me. In my world, inner beliefs and evaluationsnot outer material-world facts (events, circumstances, or persons)are the determining factors in quality of life. I never could see a rising Phoenix while clamorously focused on ash piles. But then I awoke to Third Reality, and Heaven on Earth became...

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NO MORE Mr. Nice Guy...the SoulMan charges BIG BUCKS to read “tear-jerker” animal stories. That was HEAD, of course, trying to make "funny" out of a sensitive topic. Buy my book and perhaps I can afford a joke writer. Speaking of jokes...

WARNING!!! Laugh Zone ahead!

Despite the liberating effects of honestly prodding beneath the surface of our debilitating issues and actualizing potential, we all benefit from taking repeated breaks from “seriousness” mode. If there’s no potential for FUN…what are we doing here? I’ve been there/did that, on suffering…YOU? So…Silly questions get Silly answers, which you’ll enjoy just a click away. Don’t split a gut…unless you do!


WELCOME BACK! I'm knowing you had as much fun as I...with the SPOOF questions. With our attitude adjusted to a more allowing, experimental setting...let us continue.

HEART supports you in writing down ALL your significant sharings...whether you mail them to anyone or not. Rather than defensively using words to separate ourselves from higher truths, journaling our thoughts and feelings--without edit, comment, or judgment--can be a wonderful method to clarify meaning and achieve the deeper, more expansive connections we long for, but often avoid out of the fear they will open up old wounds. Ask yourself: "If there are any potential wounds within, how can they be old? --might they be currently unresolved?" Besides...sharing your heart-felt memories is job security for those Kleenex folks, so bring them on.

In LOVE and appreciation for ALL the “Streakers” in the world, and the wholeness and potential they demonstrate…I AM, Sincerely Yours

SoulMan Larry

I send my Peace, Love, and Acceptance...Over the Ocean...
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