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Speaking Engagements

NOTE: upcoming appearances with Dr. Larry:

BEGINNING: Forthcoming

WHERE: Forthcoming

MESSAGE FROM LARRY: "I intend that this be a very informal, interactive, and special gathering. I prefer to take my lead from those present as to what, in the category of enlightenment and personal empowerment, we explore and/or practice during our time together. At the end of our physical lives we take our experiences and relationships with us, as this is what we, as Spiritual Beings, value most. Bring your curiosity and questions about living, loving and maximizing relationships during your Earth adventure, and with Spirit's collective guidance, we shall further engage our preexisting wholeness and potential. But most of all...let's have FUN!"

Yours for a more empowering, accepting, FUN NOW...


Email SoulMan Larry;


Dear life-adventure seekers...

It's about the message, not the messenger. SEE DR. LARRY on the "Journey Into the Void" show (, appearing at various dates under the title "Paranormal Encounters," Channel 9411 (University channel) of the DISH Satellite Network, and likewise on San Diego's COX Cable channel (north and south County).

Dr. Larry's latest interview (FREE) on "Your Extraordinary Word," can be seen at www.helloworld/merl - click on "shows" icon and scroll down to the “Dr. Larry Stevens” segment, or copy/paste this link address:

Hear archived Internet Radio show (Cariel Quinly's HEARTLINK), where she interviewed "a REAL LIFE Fox Mulder for us X-Files Fans" [Writer's Digest book reviewer]. Click on "archived" shows and scroll down to Jan. 16th, 2008 event:


Check back for dates and locations of future SOUL-lution the previously held one below!


Described by Writer's Digest as "A REAL-LIFE Fox Mulder for us X-Files Fans," SoulMan Larry's Outer Limits® experiences continue to amaze audiences everywhere. Best-selling mystery/thriller writer DEAN KOONTZ wrote Larry a personal letter expressing appreciation for Celestial Fire, calling Larry's new life-guide book "FASCINATING!" See "Press Room" for pictures with renowned authors - empowerment facilitators, and for testimonials, the "What the Experts Say" page

Life-Guide excerpts are available from the "Table of Contents" page... suggest beginning with the "Power Prologue" overview; Chapter Two for the "Flying Saucer in the Hills" story; and the entire Chapter 11 for the first flying story on "Power Intuition."
Described as "incredible and inspirational" by those who have read it, a three-part published excerpt from Larry's Life-Guide book Celestial Fire, entitled: "Meet a Modern-Day Mystic ~ The Pottenger-Holmes resurrection Story," consecutively appears in the April, May, and June, 2005 issues of Creative Thought Magazine The complete, second-coming story about the power of mass consciousness (collective prayer) is also available from Celestial Fire's "Table of Contents" page (Chapter 16).

Larry hosts the NorCo IONS/HEART-of Science of Spirit class every Tuesday evening (6:45 - 09:00 pm) at the Creative Center for Spiritual Living in ESCONDIDO: 760-741-0853; address: 1330-G E. Valley Parkway - Escondido, CA 92027 (next to the China Bistro Restaurant in Trafalgar Square). Email SoulMan Larry and asked to be placed on Larry's San Diego County events-IONS announcement list.

SEE ALSO the NorCo IONS page (click from navigation bar) for site directions and scheduled SPECIAL GUESTS.



Dr. Larry, along with Dr. Joan Scimeca, Founder of the Institute of Illuminated Studies, is available for PlayShops... interactive processes that help stimulate: (1) Spiritual DNA - a person's life blueprint; (2) guided-visualizations, beneficial in actualizing the transformational 4-R's process (Reflect-Release-Reframe-Replace) and the elimination of self-sabotage, social masks, and undesired behavioral patterns; (3) Spiritual Science - coming into harmonious mind-body-spirit synchronicity; (4) new-paradigm relationship coaching, utilizing the inclusive power-science of Holographic Psychology®; (5) Dream Sequencing - a process of growing up and manifesting dreams; (6) broad-based self-help through self-realization and self-actualization; (7) multi-sensory, trans-level, omni-directional consciousness exploration and enhancement w/LOCATION of COMPREHENSION, Power use of Reality Levels, "HEART-to-heart," "Ask the SoulMan," "Tanner Speaks," and other liberating, win-win-win FUN topics.

"If it's not here & now practical, empowering, and FUN, it didn't make the facilitating cut," says Larry.

NOTE: All provided materials and adjunctive imagery is fully testable and proveable within the student-subject's own pathway--no "blind" faith required. Favorite dialogue subjects in the New Thought educational tool kit: "FREEWILL ~ Fact or Fiction?" and "How to Take Back Ownership of Your Life."

Larry is the Director of Education for LACCRS (Science of Spirit and human potential research organization), and the NorCo IONS Community Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences ( ... where blending of Science and Spirituality (left and right hemisphere) is SOP.

Email SoulMan Larry

From June issue of Creative Thought Magazine - released 5/1/05
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