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NorCo IONS (San Diego County, California)
The Institute of Noetic Sciences (National Heaquarters)
Every Tuesday beginning May 13, 2008 (6:45 - 09:00 pm)
Open-to-the-public ~ IONS membership not required

Former Naval Aviator in Vietnam (1966-68), Larry James Stevens (… or CALL 1-888-619-9559) acclaimed author, Life Coach, researcher of the paranormal, Director of Education for the Dodona Human Potential Research Institute, Trustee of the NEW Oak Paradise Ranch ("Hacienda Paraiso Del Roble"), and SD North County Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Science (NorCo IONS), HOSTS...

NorCo IONS/Science of Spirit Class


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And should you or ones you know be in San Diego County from May 13th on...
The Creative Center for Spiritual Living ( Escondido) and NorCo IONS/Science of Spirit presents…
A New Earth Study Group; fully exploring and testing the contents within the new life-guide book by Eckhart Tolle. Recently featured in a ten-week Internet class, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, we listen to the unabridged CD version (in Eckhart's voice) and discuss the practical application of his unprecidented quality-of-life offering. Trade-copy books available at the venue...ones are not required to read A New Earth in advance.

WHEN: Tuesdays, beginning May 13, 2008 – 6:45 to 9:00 pm

WHERE: CCSL, 1330-G E. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027 – next to “China Bistro” Rest.

DIRECTIONS: see below or leave call-back message at: 1-888-619-9559

INVESTMENT: LOve offering donation

Join us at CCSL for evenings of inspiration, empowerment, and heart-on FUN!


Soul Talk Unlimited, LLC: 1-888-619-9559 - Read excerpts from Celestial Fire:

NorCo IONS and the Science of Spirit is hosted by: Dr. Larry James Stevens ( Larry is Director of Education for the Dodona Institute of Human Potential Research (div. of LACCRS); Science of Spirit minister; quantum heart-shift facilitator (life coach); human potential researcher utilizing the new science of Holographic Psychology; Trustee of the NEW Oak Paradise Ranch ("Hacienda Paraiso del Roble"), and author of the acclaimed (DEAN KOONTZ calls it “FASCINATING!”): Celestial Fire – A Naval Aviator’s Spiritual Odyssey. Soul Talk Unlimited: 1-888-619-9559; email:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DIRECTIONS to the Creative Center for Spiritual Living: 1330-G E. Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA 92027 (760-741-0853)

  • Take either I-5 or I-15 expressway to the 78 freeway EAST, in North SD County.
  • As the freeway ends in Escondido, it becomes Lincoln Blvd. Continue East on Lincoln to the Ash Street signal (next after after Fig St.).
  • Turn right (south) and proceed to the third signal; E. Valley Parkway.
  • Turn left (East) for 1/2 block, look for the IHOP Rest., and enter Trafalgar Square (north side of E. Valley Parkway).
  • CCSL is directly adjacent to the China Bistro Restaurant at the back corner of the Square. Please do not park in the spaces directly in front of the Bistro.

For MORE INFORMATION or to be listed on Larry's events announcement list, call 1-888-619-9559, or email:

BOOK INFO: (see "Table of Contents" page for excerpts and sample chapters)

See what the empowerment experts say, and/or READ sample chapters and excerpts from Larry's new and riveting Life Guide (Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey) from the Table of Contents page of his website: Begin with the "Power Prologue."

A Writer's Digest book reviewer gave Celestial Fire their highest rating (5 out of 5) for writing quality and story-line, naming Larry: "A REAL-LIFE Fox Mulder for us X-Files Fans!"

“Larry was a brave man during the Vietnam War, but he’s even braver to so intimately share his inner quest for wholeness and harmony. This man's personal journey is a wake-up call to the many of us still sleeping.”
Paul Von Ward, U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Interdisplinary Cosmologist, and author of Our Solarian Legacy; and God, Genes, and Consciousness ( More "what the Experts say" at:


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