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These outstanding educators, artists, authors, representatives, and empowerment facilitators are professionals I personally know and have the great pleasure to work and play with. I do not share this opinion lightly when I say "these are the MOST GIVING, INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE, and DEDICATED PERSONS ON EARTH...regarding what they do and who they are." Any questions?

For MY money and time, Dean Koontz is the very best storyteller alive today. I say this not only because of his intriguing, multifarious plots and passionate, riveting writing style, but for how he always interweaves an inspirational, hopeful message about the hidden power and TRUE potential resting within the human Spirit...resting only until called upon by life's often challenging circumstances. Although technically fiction, Dean's books have helped me persevere during periods where I felt like giving up on life and relationships. Mr. Koontz is a motivating teacher of the highest order. 

"Spiritual Attorney" is no longer an oxymoron--HA! Rev. Joan Scimeca, Science of Mind minister with the New Thought Center in Sorrento Mesa, AND lawyer with a 25-year practice in Los Angeles and San Diego, also serves part-time as a PRO TEMP judge in San Diego Superior Court. Rev. Joan is the most brilliant and caring HEAD-HEART person I know. I am blessed beyond measure to call her "FRIEND and legal representative." If you want the REAL DEAL covering your "six," one with influence on BOTH sides of the veil, give Rev. Joan a call. Say, "the SoulMan sent me":; 760-634-6610.
Peter Reding, Founder of the Foundation for Inspired Learning. When you're ready for "HERO status" -- a graduate course in blissful relationships, and the unprecidented opportunity to facilitate empowered schooling from a 100% acknowledgment and ZERO criticism base, get a ticket to ride this pony...especially for educators, parents, coaches, and communication facilitators. Inspired Learning certification (tomorrow's learning environment TODAY) is currently underway. Why not make an excellent living while being the example of the change you wish to see in the world?  

Paul Von Ward, Navy Officer and then 15 years with the U.S. Foreign Service in Washington; World Class Interdisciplinary Cosmologist; author of Our Solarian Legacy and God, Genes, and Consciousness

As a kindred seeker of the larger truths, I clearly recognize how Paul Von Ward's well researched and core contribution is stimulating our individualistic and collective Spiritual DNA, leading to a larger realization of our true magnificence. Without guided messengers of unlimited potential, like Paul Von Ward, we humans would stay stuck on our repetitive feedback-loop treadmills, wondering why our lives remain in a repetitively conditioned (subconsciously accepted) holding pattern. Thank you for answering the calling Paul...and please continue to prod me beyond my comfort zone, where the largest gifts (practical realizations) of life are located. 

Bill Bauman, Ph.D. We are all "masters" in the exciting role of actualizing our preexisting potential, but it is rare that I refer to an individual as "Spiritual and LIFE Master." Bill Bauman, a former Priest, can be completely relied upon to lead you and yours out of the dark and into the grandest vision of the greatest LOVE and ABUNDANCE ones can imagine. His seminar participants consistently report: "NOW I know what unconditional love looks and feels like." Brother Bill's Love-Cocoon Playshops (throughout the US) are always sold out; author of Oz Power: How to Click Your Heels and Take Charge of Your Life.

Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness - Making Room for the Miracle. Feel the perfection within ALL experience, and permanently retire from victimhood. Why settle for "let bygones be bygones" when Power (transcendent) Forgiveness is awaiting your acceptance?

Raphael Cushnir, This LOve Doctor is a frequent contributor to Oprah's "O" Magazine; author of Unconditional Bliss, and Setting Your Heart on Fire. My friend Raphael is the REAL DEAL...a Possessor, not just a Professor.

Dr. Ron Scolastico, Transpersonal psychologist; outstanding transcendent Medium (Modern-Day Edgar Cayce); author of Earth Adventure and Doorway to the Soul, plus several other holistic/humanistic guidebooks. See what the supportive wisdom-of-the-Guides can do to help jump-start your next shift. The channeled message is PURE, CONSISTENT, humanistic-based...and especially during a private reading...SPECIFIC and oh-so PENETRATING. And this from a perennial (albeit accepting) skeptic.

Yogi Ramesh, Hollywood’s “Guru to the Stars” His yoga and Power of Laughter classes are legendary! Your head and heart are having so much FUN, the body doesn't know it's working. Enroll early 

Rev. Edward Viljoen, Founder of NewThoughtMinisters Chat Group on Yahoo, and co-author of Seeing Good at Work

Margrit Spear, PhD/MFCC, psychotherapist, and pioneering SOS researcher since 1993. Margrit is a multiple-modality therapist, multi-sensory artist, author of Life-Changing Explosion of Consciousness - Introduction to Holographic Psychology, and GREAT FRIEND.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by former Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell; where Science meets Spirituality

Book Editor extraordinaire, Vicki Worthington (aka: "Moxie Scissorhands"), has the intuitive, almost mystical ability to be in sync with spiritual/inspirational/self-help authors and artists; thereby editing channeled material without changing voice, meaning, or purpose. With over 20 years in Metaphysics, Moxie (my name for her) did the most delicate, finish editing on Celestial Fire. I believe Vicki the perfect choice for special-theme projects. Mention the SoulMan for BIG DISCOUNTS from her customary (still a bargan) rates.

Book Proofreader extraordinaire, "Awesome Lady" Gayla Gary is a typo bloodhound. You definately want the awesome lady dogging your final draft, as book printers charge around $12 a page for corrections made after the text proof is produced. Easy to work with, and patiently determined, Gayla's already reasonable rates are further discounted for New Thought and self-help type projects.

Level 3 Visual Arts, The dynamic duo of Lee and Rudy Saldivar (San Diego - North County) are fully digital and do it all in professional image enhancement...and at prices that will amaze. Custom photography (they even made ME look good!), graphic design, book covers (co-designer on CF), and Lee actually enjoys having creative customers on his shoulder. Special discounts for spiritual and self/help projects
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